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Atlantis Projects Ltd - Lightweight Panels

ATLANTIS PROJECTS can supply your projects with two types of Lightweight Panels and Installation:
1. Lightweight Stone Panels
2. Porcelain Panels

Honeycomb Panels

Whether faced with stone or porcelain, lightweight reinforced panels are very suitable for a full range of building design applications. In terms of overall performance, it should be recognized that the panels are designed to be somewhat flexible, so they can withstand building movement, seismic racking, and shear forces without damaging the overall panel, the faces, or the building.
Due to the use of non-combustible materials, most reinforced stone and porcelain panel products meet or exceed all fire-testing criteria and fire-related code requirements.
Honeycomb reinforced panels are similarly tested to resist large missile impacts and hurricane loading and have been found to have up to 60 times the impact strength of 3-cm solid dimensional stone.
They are impervious to water penetration, making them suitable for both interior and exterior installations even in wet locations. For example, they have become very popular in hotel bathrooms that seek their durability and water resistance.
Stone and porcelain have been popular choices in high-traffic commercial and institutional buildings where durability has been needed along with great aesthetics.
Therefore, any such location can benefit by selecting lightweight honeycomb reinforced panels instead of dimension stone or full-thickness porcelain.
Hotels, corporate headquarters, banks, retail settings, and car dealerships fit this profile often with the desire to create eye-catching facades that also exude refinement and quality.
Public or common areas of condominiums and other multifamily residential buildings also seek the durability of the panels but often welcome the cost-saving benefits.
Institutional buildings such as governmental complexes, health care facilities, universities, and churches typically expect to own and operate their buildings for a long time so they are particularly sensitive to the low maintenance, longlasting qualities of these products.
An overall life cycle assessment of lightweight panels will commonly show just how favourable they can be compared to heavier stone or masonry options.

Honeycomb Panels can be used for Exterior Wall Cladding for different Building Envelop Solutions:

  • Curtain Wall Applications (with its frameless design, lightweight, high strength, and adaptable mounting system. An Atlantis-based curtain wall is very light.
    This reduces the need for extra structural support that can add weight and cost to the building. The panel assembly resists air and water infiltration but also allows for the drainage of any moisture that may get in behind the panels, as in the case of condensation.
    The panel assembly will absorb building sway that can result from wind or seismic forces acting on the building.
    The added flexibility, configurability, and performance of our panel system make this the perfect solution to any curtain wall application).
  • Rain Screens Applications (it is mounted off of the structural wall with sufficient space to accommodate drainage and the rain screen on the structural wall.
    The adaptable mounting system can be easily integrated with the rain screen.
    As well, the system is designed to allow water and moisture to easily escape the building envelope for trouble-free maintenance and operation for years to come.).
  • Façade Walls
  • Ventilating Facades (thin panel profile, combined with various modes of mounting, provides variable depths of air space between the back of the cladding panel and the building structure.
    This gap provides acoustic isolation of the building from the external environment. The gap, when vented at the top and bottom of the façade, as well as around each panel, also allows for the movement of air and moisture out of the space.
    The gap, which can vary in depth depending on the mounting method used, greatly limits the condensation and the accumulation of water on the building structure).

1. Natural Stone Panels

Natural Stone Panels – Elegance

Some of the most beautiful surface materials that can be used in construction come from nature, and in particular, natural stone.
Our Stone panels capture the wonderful benefits of real, natural stone, without the limitations (weight, the difficulty of transport, or small panel size). Our stone composite panels are highly engineered and manufactured to exceedingly precise levels of quality and finishing.
They are designed as part of an integrated system, that allows for cladding solutions that would not be possible, or would be much more expensive, using traditional dimensional stone cladding.

Natural Stone Panels – Benefits

Honeycomb Panel

Stone panels display common benefits such as low cost, low weight, exceptional strength, high strength-to-weight ratio, rapid fabrication, rapid installation speed, year-round installation, a high contribution To LEED certification, and exceptional fire resistance. Panels are also guaranteed not to delaminate for the life of the product.
Honeycomb Stone Panel is a lightweight and very strong composite stone panel, it is extensively used for interior and exterior wall cladding for projects at home and abroad.
Honeycomb Stone Panel looks like a sandwich, it is composed of a Natural Stone Veneer plus with an Epoxy and plus with an Aluminum Honeycomb Panel backing.

Natural Stone Panels – Advantages

  • Natural Stone (Honeycomb stone panel is composed of real natural stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb.
    Natural stone is an elegant look and with exquisite appearance. Colour choice can be any granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, sandstone etc.)
  • Thin (The stone veneer on honeycomb stone panel can be 3mm~6mm thickness for a customer to choose.
    Of course, we can also make the stone veneer thicker than above if a customer requested.)
  • Strong (Honeycomb stone panel is with very good hurricane-resistant performance and wind load capacity.
    Its impact strength is more than 60 times greater than 3cm thick dimensional solid stones).
  • Flexible (Honeycomb stone panel is flexible and can move with structures, making it invaluable in regions prone to hurricanes or earthquakes.
    Its flexural strength is about 3~5 times as dimensional solid stones. Dimensional stone cladding is brittle and has low flexural and poor impact strength.
  • Lightweight (Weight of honeycomb stone panel is about 2.5 LBS/SF, approximately 70% less than standard 3/4" solid slab material.
    So it is an ideal decoration material for high rise building and old building renovation, it shall reduce a lot of weight load for the buildings).
  • Highly durable and resistant to aluminum corrosion.
  • Eliminates moisture penetration.
  • Re-Caulking- Only has to be re-caulked every 15-20 years. Since moisture penetration and stone efflorescence are eliminated.
  • Environmentally Friendly- helping to reduce environmental impact and providing high energy efficiency through a radiant barrier and room for greater insulation materials.
  • Stress resistant The thin stone veneer panels can be used in earthquake prone areas.

Application Includes:

  • Commercial (Elevator Walls, Lobbies, Show Rooms, Restrooms etc.)
  • Residential (Villas, Houses, Partition and Feature Walls etc.)
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs)
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Aircrafts
  • Hospitals
  • Prestigious Motor Yachts and Cruise Ship
  • Public buildings (Banks etc.)

The stone veneer choice for Honeycomb Stone Panel can be any:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Sandstone
  • Onyx

2. PorcelainPanels

Porcelain Panel

Porcelain Panel products are made from the finest porcelain produced—sintered at temperatures between 1,200-1,400 ○C (2,192 °F - 2,552 °F). Our Porcelain Panels are waterproof, non-porous, and provide optimal resistance to staining, scratching, fading from UV light, and to the formation of mould. This is the perfect alternative to higher-cost natural stone.
These strong and light panels are designed for exceptional wear and tear, and display common characteristics including rapid installation speed, excellent fire resistance, a highly precise and flat surface, versatility, blast, earthquake, and impact resistance, and imperviousness to moisture penetration.
Panels can be customized to size but can be 2’ x 4’, 2.5’ x 5’, 4’ x 8’, and up to 5’ x 10’ in size. The uniformity of the porcelain allows for the creation or emulation of a variety of monolithic elements such as soffits, columns and beams.
As well, the panels can be made up of mosaics of different porcelains to create unique and one-of-a-kind looks.

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