Interior Renovations

Interior Renovations

Welcome to One Stop Solutions Interior Design Consultancy & Renovating Build Services Company

Atlantis Projects Ltd. is a reliable service-orientated General Contractor that employs only the most skilled and dedicated trades people. We provide superior Site Supervision to ensure that all our clients’ needs are satisfied. Atlantis Projects has emerged as a one-stop shop for all the premium needs of customers. (We are One Stop Solutions provider for interior design, project management, and renovation services. )


After your initial consultation with one of our designers will create a floor plan designed specifically to your needs, providing you with a quotation based on that design. Our detailed plans for your project will usually differ in concept from those done by other firms in our area. At Atlantis Projects, we strive to provide you with a functional and aesthetic environment that will give you and your family years of enjoyment. We specialize in renovations - it’s all we do, and we love it. What’s more, the skills and processes needed for renovations are quite different from building a new home. We will provide you with fresh, high-quality home design ideas and also help you to ensure that your dreams are possible and in line with your budget – before you commit to a large expense.

We create successful and impressive works through our exacting attention to detail, an empathetic understanding of our clients’ tastes and ambitions, and a precise awareness of timescale and budget. Our qualified designers are highly skilled with many years experience behind them in both in this industry. We offer a complete range of high-end interior design and renovation services on both residential design, commercial design, retail design and government projects, even furniture solutions.

Our company always believes that with great knowledge and experience comes great renovation service. Our mission is to provide superior project management services to our valued clients, resulting in commercial and retail environments that provide tangible benefits and long term success. And our core focus is to deliver projects on time, on budget without compromising on quality.

We mostly focus on Kitchen and Bathroom renovations, but we can do other areas like Laundries, Lofts, Interior living space, Re-cladding and Repainting Services etc.

Kitchen Remodel

Many experts categorize kitchen remodels as the best to boost your home's value. Valuable points to upgrade are counters, cabinets, and appliances. More affordable options include changing out the backsplash, paint color, hardware, and lighting. We offer a full-range of high-quality design services to meet your needs. If you are ready to have beautiful new cabinets installed to your new or remodel kitchen, contact Atlantis Projects to schedule an appointment. We will measure your space and help you create a cabinet design that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom are an important area to focus on as they are considered one of the most effective rooms to update. Especially popular are improvements to master suites, such as large showers or separate tubs. So if you are looking to remodel your bathroom or shower room, get in touch with us today and let’s talk about turning your dream into a reality. Follow our guide to help you plan the bathroom you've always dreamt of, no matter what size it is or how large your budget.

Atlantis Projects Procedure Arrangement

Consultation (Budget) Phase



The first step in the process is for Atlantis Projects to understand exactly what you want to achieve in your home (including the reasons for your renovation). Our approach is to listen carefully to your requirements and to ask questions to ensure we understand exactly what you are looking for, what is important to you and why.  costedIt’s also crucial that we establish a "BASE BUDGET" at this stage. Your budget may change during the design process - as you make decisions on what you like and don’t like, and can and can’t do without. But it provides an important starting point.



For Initial Consultation Atlantis Projects will do following:

  • Review existing floor plans;
  • Define Objectives;
  • Discuss Schedule
  • Measurement or surveys;
  • Define customer Budget;

Planning Phase


In this phase we try to translate your requirements into an architectural concept.

Atlantis Projects will do following:

  • Review existing floor plans or proposed new drawings for client;
  • Provide comprehensive inspiration and renovation package for our client;
  • Begin our creative design concept; and
  • Renovation materials selection;
  • Review Bylaws & needs for building construction permits;
  • Conceptual design;
  • Obtain quotes and pricing from suppliers or vendors;
  • Present first draft layouts and elevations;
  • Prepare quotation for client budget, timeline and construction schedule;

Conceptual Design

Conceptual drawings will be used to "tender out" project to our wide range of sub-trades to get the best prices. An accurate price can now be produced. It will take account of the engineering, structural, design and aesthetic decisions you have made. It will also be based on price negotiations and quotes from tradespeople who have been briefed on your renovation. As part of any renovation, you need to be aware that structural issues can be uncovered unexpectedly during the course of the work. The quote will explain how these will be dealt with and influence the cost for your renovation. If required, the cost can be refined or brought down by making modifications to the design.

Design Phase



In this phase we begin transformation from an architectural concept into reality.

Atlantis Projects will do following:

  • Sign final contract with the client;
  • Supply final Interior design along with drawing package.
  • Obtain building construction permits;
  • Preparing final budgets, timelines and construction schedules.;

Construction Phase


In this phase we begin renovation. Renovating is a multi-layered process, and trades need to be carefully scheduled to keep the job moving forward smoothly. It is very important that each trade complete their work to the correct standard. It can also impact the next stage of the job

Atlantis Projects will do following:

  • Regular scheduled site visits;
  • Project management.
  • Purchase and delivery of renovation materials;
  • Consulting during construction process;
  • Deficiency lists developed from walk trough’s;
  • Project analysis;
  • Finish all Inspections;
  • Post construction follow up with client;
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